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Afghanistan Mixed Meat-Over-Rice @ Madina Halal Food

Afghanistan mixed meat over rice is the food I ate when I first arrived in New York. The basmati rice and masala spices make the whole meal fragrant and mouth-watering. Pricing at $5, you can have either lamb-over-rice or chicken-over-rice with fresh salad. At $6, you can have mixed meat-over-rice (lamb and chicken). I ordered a mixed meat-over-rice.

Price: Value for money. The portion for the mixed meat-over-rice is sufficient for two persons.

Quality: Great quality. The basmati rice was well cooked. You can vividly see every single grain of rice. The lettuce salad was very fresh and it blended well with the white sauce. The meat (chicken and lamb) succulent. The white and hot sauces make the food even more delicious and spicy. Beware of the hot sauce if you do not take spicy food. You can smell the mouth-watering aroma from afar.

Store layout: The food cart is located at the end of Lippman Plaza along 39 Ave – 138th Street, Flushing. It is very easy to locate. 

"look at the mixed meat with white and red sauces. yummy!!!"

"don't forget to look for this food cart. The food cart will be there from noon to about 10pm."

Where: Madina Halal Food, 138th Street – 39 Ave
Tel: NA
Website: NA
Overall rating: 3.5/5


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