Three-Cup Chicken (三杯鸡) @ No. 1 East Restaurant

Originated from Jiangxi province of Southern China, the three-cup chicken (三杯鸡) is a popular in Taiwan. The three-cup chicken uses three cups of different sauces to cook the chicken. There are two versions to the origins of three-cup chicken. One, a sympathetic prison warden who cooked a dish with limited resources available before the execution of a national hero from the Song dynasty, Wen Tianxiang. Second, it involves a cook due to the lack of time used three cups of sauces and simmered it for a long time.

Quality: The three-cup chicken (三杯鸡) was delicious. The chicken was fresh and the sauce was fragrant. The rice tasted more fragrant if you were to add the sauce to it. 

Store layout: The restaurant was located along Main Street right after the Flushing Public Library. It is a simple restaurant with attentive staff. We had a table beside the window. We can watch people while dining. 

Where: No.1 East Restaurant, 41-27 Main Street
Tel: 718-460-8686
Website: NA
Overall rating: 2.5/5

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