Stir-fry Lobster with Garlic @ No.1 East Restaurant

While we were trying to find the famous lamb stew in Flushing, we ended up at No.1 East Restaurant instead. Apparently, this was the first restaurant we visited that offered combo meals. We chose a combo meal for two that comprised stir-fry Lobster with Garlic, three-cup chicken, hot and sour soup, and Mapo Tofu.

Price: The combo meal cost less than $40 for two. It was value for money as it included a lobster dish.

Quality: The lobster was fresh and meaty. Fried with garlic, the lobster dish was then so-so.

Store layout: The restaurant was located along Main Street right after the Flushing Public Library. It is a simple restaurant with attentive staff. We had a table beside the window, where we watched people busying whilst dining. 

"The lobster tasted fresh and overall taste was so-so."

Where: No.1 East Restaurant, 41-27 Main Street
Tel: 718-460-8686
Website: NA
Overall rating: 2.5/5

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